Thursday, October 13, 2011

again I say rejoice

The grass is always greener. There will always be someone within earshot or view that somehow has what you’d like. As a parent, you may notice their kids are brighter, more polite, and well rounded. Then we get a better look.

When talking to a family member who is going through a painful divorce, I had to admit that my parenting struggles are small. When talking with a church friend whose child is recovering from brain surgery, I had to admit my mothering burden is light. When watching footage on the families affected by famine in Somalia, I had to admit that our needs are fully met.

I would like to rejoice over all things in a way that demonstrates to my children that our God is good no matter what. We can rejoice in good health and in plenty because our God has supplied us with these. We can rejoice when things are difficult, when we are challenged, when we are hurting, because Jesus gives us the power to do it. It should not matter how we compare to those around us, we should find ourselves in a posture of worship and thanksgiving in all circumstances. Rejoice today in our Savior and His love. Rejoice without comparing. Rejoice in what He’s done for you. “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say it: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4

Jesus, You are my Provider and my Savior. I will rejoice in You today. Give me a grateful and generous heart, eager to praise and serve you no matter what. Through your grace, may my children learn to rejoice in You always. Amen

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