Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peace of Christ

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts….” Colossins 3:15

We were cleaning the girls’ room and my 7 year-old finds a pair of earrings in her jewelry box. (She does not have her ears pierced yet.) I see her looking at them and the wheels are turning.

“Mom? Can you ear pierce your own ear?”

I hesitate. “Well, you can. But it’s not really a good idea… It would hurt a lot and you could get an infection… It’s just not a good idea.”

Her face is scrunched up wondering about the pain and the possibilities.

“Ok.” She adds. “I like good ideas.”

I smile. I know you do, I think to myself. I love these ‘smart’ moments with my kids, when their true genius comes out. ;) It’s fun to watch them, isn’t it? I am fascinated by their questions and their logic. Sometimes I hold my breath, waiting to see what they think of a new discovery. Often I shake my head and giggle a little (especially when the 3 year-old announces her take on life).

I hope my kids understand the world better than I do. I pray that they “get it” a lot sooner than I did. I know they are smart kids and will probably make some really good decisions. But of course I worry about them. Moms know how painful learning can be.

A few years ago I wrote a prayer for my kids, based on some verses in Colossians. Actually, it is the verses fashioned into a prayer. I have it posted on my bathroom mirror so I say it for them daily. Paul talks a lot in Colossians about life – a life with Christ. I had been an adult for quite a while before I realized a lot of the Truths Paul shares. I hope I can help to pass them onto my children so they can enjoy some of these Truths sooner than later.

Paul talks about putting to death our earthly nature, and instead putting on compassion, kindness, and love. I pray that my children learn these behaviors. I pray that they can somehow understand how loved they are, by their Savior. I pray that they can grasp the Grace of our Father.

But I know real understanding of these things is nearly impossible. I know that the Holy Spirit is working in us, but that we continue to trip over ourselves and sometimes life is really hard. So, while I pray these things for my children, at the end I pray that “the peace of Christ (will) rule in their hearts.” So often we don’t “get it.” So often we are faced with not knowing the right answers. But Paul encourages us to “Let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts,” because peace from Christ is the ultimate answer to all our questions.

Lord, Thank you for your Peace. Thank you for your comfort. As Moms we often feel like we need all the answers. Let our children see that we do not trust in ourselves, but in the Peace and answers that you provide. Help us to lean on you, Lord, for the sake of our families and ourselves. Amen.

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