Tuesday, April 17, 2012


You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to bear fruit - fruit that will last. 
-John 15:16 

I was three days old when I was chosen.  Because my parents were told they could not have children of their own, they decided to make the choice and welcome a child into their home through adoption.  God reveals Himself in so many different ways because 10 months after I was adopted, my brother Andrew was born, followed by my brother Stephen two years later.  Growing up, my brothers and I would tease and torment each other (the way siblings often do).  My brothers would remind me that I was adopted, while I was quick to remind them that mom and dad got "stuck" with them and had no choice in the matter.  Mom and dad would "trump" all of our teasing and remind us that each were an important member of our family, and that in each person's own way, we were brought into this family. 

As Christians, we too have been chosen by our God.  At our baptism, the Holy Spirit calls us by name and we are made dead to sin, and through Jesus' death on the cross we are promised the gift of eternal life.  It is because of our chosenness that we are called to share the Good News with others.  Each of us has been brought into the forever family at various points in our lives, yet each one of us is an important part of the family.       

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for calling us by name through the waters of baptism.  Help us to share the Good News of your unending forgiveness and love with all people.  Bless and keep our families close to you.  In your name, Amen.


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