Friday, September 9, 2011

Hill Blocks View

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”
Psalm 143:10

**Note** The basic idea for this devotion comes from my good friend, Kristie Rush, who spoke at her church on this topic. Click here for her messages. I have taken the basic idea and adapted it.

I went to school to be a teacher. I loved teaching middle school English. I felt more adequate in the classroom as a teacher than I ever did as a mother. I just can't keep up with the laundry, the cleaning, the whining, the shopping, etc. For me, being a mother is so much harder than being in a classroom all day. And for years, I have struggled with the choice to stay home full time with my kids. I always felt pulled in the direction of teaching again for the extra money and for the sense of accomplishment teaching brings. After all, I worked hard to earn a bachelor's degree and a master's degree and I am not even using it!

Many women struggle with God's call in their life. For me, this has been my struggle. Do I work or do I stay home? I have always known that God was calling me to be home with my kids, but in a sense, I felt like I went kicking and screaming at times. I knew what my call was, but I couldn't see it fully because of the hill that blocked my view--just like in the picture. The hill, for me, was my own selfish desires and my inability to trust God fully. Following God's call means to be part of something that's bigger than ourselves, and often times it's costly.

In my situation, I am very much a part of something bigger than myself. I get to be a mother to my three beautiful children, and that is so very precious. I am thankful for the time I have with them and am honored that God would allow me to be their mom. Is it costly? Yes, I have had to set aside my love of classroom teaching. But I have learned to trust God in this area and now that my hill is out of the way, the view of God's call for my life is breathtaking! I am humbled and thankful and love the path God has laid out for me.

Your "hill" might not be your struggle with whether to stay home with your kids, but I am sure we all have one at some point in our lives. Maybe it's an illness, a financial situation, or a difficult relationship that is blocking your view in your relationship with God. Whatever it may be, I pray that God would "lead you on level ground."

Dear God, Sometimes we let earthly situations get in the way of fully experiencing your will for our life. Please allow us to trust you fully and to walk humbly with you. Amen.

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