Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Weavers

My God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

My husband found a discarded bird’s nest in our yard recently. It is always fascinating how well made
and cozy a nest is when you see it up close. There are so many pieces woven together, sticks and bits
of yarn. As I looked closer, I noticed that there was a thorny stem threaded in with the rest. Why would
the nest weaver have chosen a thorny piece? How could she have included it without bringing harm to
herself and her little ones? Did she have little choice when constructing in the Spring or did she know
that she could position it in a safe way for her vulnerable babies?

As we parent our kids and tend to our own nest, it occurred to me that we also have carried thorns.
The temptations that consistently nag us, the things we intend to address about our own shortcomings,
our past hurts, and our human limitations are all a part of our home. At times we have brought thorns
knowingly and at times we have been caught off guard. Sin cannot be avoided; it is a part of who we are
while on this earth. However, we know forgiveness through Jesus. With God’s mercy, we find a way to
create a cozy spot for our kids to grow up. It is a testament to His grace that we are equipped to do this

Blessings on your nest today.

Lord, Give us wisdom as we weave our nest. Help us to recognize the thorns that we carry, seeking
forgiveness for our own part and patience for things outside of our control. Bless our children as they
grow. May they learn the full extent of your forgiveness and love and the joy of walking humbly with
You. Amen

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