Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be Loud

Make a Joyful noise unto the Lord.
Psalm 98:4 

The Good Friday Tenebrae service has always been one of my favorite services in the church year.  Approaching it with small children doesn't quite have the same feeling as my child-free days.  For me, small children and evening services are always stressful and my children are noisier than I would like.  That combined with the fact that they have the "I can't stop moving because if I do I'll fall asleep" syndrome is a lot to gear up for.

Last year I was excited about the Tenebrae service knowing that my 5 year old would really enjoy it and get something out of it this year for the first time.  As the service progressed and the church got progressively darker, we were both into it.  My little 3 year old was also pretty interested.  At the end the slamming noise occured, indicating Jesus death, and it made little 3 year old Lucy jump.  I whispered to her it was okay and to be quiet.  To which she yelled out (or so it felt in the quiet darkness) "Be Loud Be Loud Be Loud."  She was loud enough that even though we were in the back of the church, daddy could hear her up front.

Once I got over my embarrassment, I thought about how great it actually was that she was excited.  Jesus died, that was the bad part and it was done.  Now came the part to be excited about, he rose and won the victory for us.  Good Friday to is a time for silent reflection and many of us will leave church in that state.  But isn't it great that the silence of death doesn't last?  The quiet of death is broken by the resurrection on Easter!  And we can "be loud" with rejoicing!

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the gift of your son.  Please help us to remember today the greatest gift ever given and to be loud in sharing that gift with those around us.

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