Friday, March 16, 2012

Powerful Prayer

I am a museum nut. I love heading to museums to take in the rich history of the past. I am not sure where this love for museums began. I don't recall visiting them often as a child but as an adult I have traveled to many. I have read through the historical backgrounds of Louisianna plantations, I have toured through the development and history of the great state of Texas, I have learned the history of Dr. Pepper through the Dr. Pepper museum. This past week, I visited a museum that I have passed by dozens of times over the last few years. The Texas Rangers Museum. And while I stopped by the various glass cases reading about fallen officers, looked at weaponry that they carried and seen the multitude of other cases solved I came across a prayer written by a Texas Ranger chaplin. It struck me that the thoughts and requests throughout this prayer echo many of the prayers that I lift up to God in my own life.

May these words provide you with a starting point in your own conversation with God.

A Texas Ranger Prayer

O God, whose end is justice,
whose strength is all our stay,
be near and bless my mission
as I go forth today.

Let wisdom guide my actions,
let courage fill my heart
and help me Lord, in every hour
to do a Ranger's part.

Protect when danger threatens,
sustain when trails are rough;
help me to keep my standard high
and smile at each rebuff.

When night comes down upon me,
I pray the Lord be nigh.
Whenever on lonely scout,
or camped, under the Texas sky.

Keep me, o God in line
and when my days shall end,
forgive my sins and take me in,
for Jesus sake, Amen.

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